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Three Common Xeriscaping Myths

As you explore alternatives to traditional lawns, here are xeriscaping myths to avoid, so you can create vibrant outdoor spaces.

Sustainable Building Colorado Style

Colorado is home to many companies dedicated to providing sustainable materials. We spoke with three local companies about their products.

The Convergence of AI and IoT and the Impact on Smart Homes

Smart gadgets and appliances range from essential lighting, fans, air conditioners, washing machines, freezers found in homes.





Built to Last: Historic Preservation

I wanted to know more about how its 1,500 registered historic properties and neighborhoods are navigating 21st century challenges.

4 Home Building Trends that will Persist After the Pandemic

These four COVID construction trends will continue shaping contractor...

Lack of style leads outdoor remodel triggers

Like the boomers before them, the size of the millennial generation gives them outsized influence on trends, including design influences in outdoor living.

Scale and Specialization Mean Success in a Booming Remodeling Industry

As home improvement spending rises, learn why the most successful remodeling contractors now provide only specialized services.

How Not to Ruin a Kitchen Remodel

Having a kitchen that connects seamlessly into adjacent spaces is a key component of most modern residential designs.


Green Building



Tread Lightly in the City with Offsite Construction

A growing trend across construction, offsite construction brings several sustainability advantages to urban building in particular.

Offsite Construction Works for Women

Construction executives everywhere are desperately scrambling to find people to do the work they’ve promised their customers.

Offsite Construction Unlocks Green Building Opportunities

The environmental benefits of modular building are numerous, including reduced emissions, less construction waste and lower energy use.

How Coronavirus Could Drive an Offsite Construction Revolution

Offsite construction is becoming a real solution for many...

Offsite Construction for Onsite Safety

One of the biggest areas of concern for all...

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Outdoor Living


One New Electric Compact Utility Loader: Scores of Powerful Solutions

There’s a new dog on the block ready to tackle much of the heavy lifting—the Toro® Company’s e-Dingo® 500 Wheeled compact utility loader.

New Kubota Tractor Focuses on Operator Comfort

Kubota recently announced that it has launched a limited-edition...

Honda Expands V-twin Engine Lineup

Honda Power Equipment recently announced new additions to its line of commercial engines for construction and lawn care companies.





Mitigating Legal Risks in Urban Sustainable Building

There are a number of legal challenges that can arise for builders when using sustainable building techniques.

Spend Some Time Sharpening Your Ax

With the softening of the market, my hope is...

Denver Aims to Streamline ADU Rules

Rule changes could make it easier for Denver homeowners...

Anti-Concurrent Causation Endorsements in CGL Insurance Policies: A Word of Caution

Anti-concurrent causation endorsements on insurance policies have migrated from...

Revisiting Denver’s Construction Defect Ordinance

One of the biggest problems for Colorado builders dealing with construction defect litigation is the breach of implied warranty claim.





Healthy Home | Take Control

Join Jillian and Marla as they help listeners understand how taking a holistic approach to designing a healthy home provides you and your family real results.

Healthy Home podcast


Build podcast

Build Podcast

Matt Risinger and his guests talk in depth about building a better home including best practices, the business of building, some epic fails (and how to avoid them) and everything building science.

Builder vs Buyer podcast

Builder Vs. Buyer

The home building process is often an adversarial one. Buyers don't trust their builders and builders are annoyed by their buyers. Adam Steiner is here to help mediate. Advice and tips for builders to create happier clients, and advice to buyers to be better informed during their build.

The Contech Crew podcast

The ConTech Crew

The ConTechCrew is an innovative construction technology podcast that has helped construction companies geek out on technology since 2016.

Home Building Hero podcast

Home Building Hero

Home Building Hero discusses design trends, industry news, how to's, economics, & tips for building an amazing home. Home buyers and Industry professionals alike listen for tons of knowledge on construction.

Market Proof Marketing podcast

Market Proof Marketing

New home marketing and online sales news, and what it all means for home builders and developers.


New Bills Focus on Colorado’s Construction Labor Shortage

Two bipartisan bills could help grow Colorado’s construction workforce through student scholarships and community college funding.

Three Finer Things Found in Veritas Fine Homes

Veritas Fine Homes works directly with owners to envision and realize dream homes on sites throughout southwestern Colorado.

Sustainability Requires Cultural Change

Before “sustainable design” came into our vernacular, structural engineering firms were focused on efficient designs with conventional materials.

Census Data Shows Colorado Population Shifting

Denver, Jefferson and Boulder counties have seen their populations decline while Douglas, Adams and Weld counties saw significant growth.

Annie and Jordan Obermann, Principals and Founders, Forge & Bow

Annie and Jordan Obermann launched Forge & Bow, a design-build firm, as the number and complexity of their projects grew.