Stephanie Beninati

Stephanie Beninati is the broker/owner of Strategic Insurance Services, which helps the construction and real estate community with their insurance and warranty needs. She can be reached at 303-757-0052 or [email protected].

The Path to Renewed Passion in Construction

I’ve learned from personal experience, the feeling of disheartenment not be an end, but a pivot—a chance for renewal and innovation.

Balancing Insurance, Contracts and Warranties with Professional Support

Constructing a home is an intricate dance of quality assurance, contract management, insurance details and warranty guarantees.

The Insurance Risk of Not Embracing Technology

By embracing innovative tools, builders can transform their operations and protect their businesses from potential claims.

Lost in Translation—Deciphering Builders’ Insurance

Learning insurance is like learning a foreign language. If builders don’t understand the language, your clients could be in a world of hurt.