Susan Raisanen

Susan Raisanen is president of Profit Finder Pro, a CRM software provider serving small businesses. She can be reached at [email protected]  or 800-972-6952.

Why You Shouldn’t Stop Marketing During an Economic Downturn

It's tempting to cut marketing budgets during an economic downturn, but things will turn around, and builders need to be ready.

Make 2020 Your Year for Marketing Success

When you have historical data, your goals-based marketing efforts can be much more intentional and predictable.

Increase Remodeling Profits by Managing Leads Properly

A reason businesses are successful is because they have systems in place. These systems have measurable outcomes and create accountability.

Builders, Embrace Change to Increase Profitability

The goal is not necessarily to increase revenues dramatically, but to increase the profitability of sales.