Troy Sibelius

Executive VP and part owner at The Buckner Company. At Buckner we don't sell insurance, we help our clients find an insurance program that fits their needs.

6 Potential Employment Claims Caused by COVID-19

Some employers may face employment-related claims alleging wrongful termination, discrimination and retaliation.

Why You Should Develop a Wet Work Program for Construction Sites

Water damage can be a costly problem for home builders, but a dedicated wet work program can head off common jobsite disasters.

Employers’ Labor Responsibilities in Winter

In addition to slowing down projects, winter weather can cause unusual conditions and higher risks for those in the construction industry.

How Workplace Stress Hurts Your Bottom Line

One of the major risk management issues created by workplace stress and burnout is safety, which creates an environment ripe for an accident.

Why a Workplace Safety Plan is a Living Document

A safety program should regularly be examined to address changes in your business exposures, your employee base and even your client base.

How to Conduct a Job Hazard Analysis

Detailing safety procedures in your employee manual is important. Safety procedures may be generic, but others are specific to a certain task.