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Cadre Commits to Quality

What services does Cadre General Contractors provide?

A high-end home builder serving metro Denver and its environs, Cadre General Contractors celebrates decades of success by staying focused. Owner Rusty Conway leads a team of 25 in delivering ground-up homes of bespoke splendor in Denver’s most desirable neighborhoods. Cadre typically builds between five and 10 homes at any given time, all built to meet the client’s highest expectations. Conway believes building a custom home can be difficult and frustrating. It is Cadre’s ambition to make designing and building a stunning home an easier, happier experience for owners, builders and trade partners alike.

When Conway started his business, his primary goal was to be in contention for Denver’s most esteemed commissions. In chasing that dream, Conway distills his brand values as accountability, respect and life energy. His portfolio proves that choosing quality building materials contributes significantly to a super-high finish that won’t degrade over time. Conway consistently recommends manufactured floor joists and engineered studs because they are straight and flat and don’t expand or contract seasonally. Cadre builds with products that are solid, predictable and true to their word on the performance promised.

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Warmboard Comfort System

Architects, builders and homeowners worldwide have recognized the benefits of hydronic radiant floor heating. Warmboard has been manufacturing cutting-edge solutions for the indoor heating market for more than 20 years and recently released the Warmboard Comfort System. This complete end-to-end package combines everything necessary to heat a home—panels, tubing, manifolds, controls, thermostat, boiler or heat pump.

DEFENDAIR 200C Air and Weather Barrier Coating

This Dow product is a 100 percent silicone, liquid-applied air and weather barrier that protects against air infiltration and water penetration. The water-based coating cures to form a flexible, waterproof membrane that allows vapor to escape from the substrate. DEFENDAIR achieves strong adhesion among many common substrates such as concrete masonry units (CMU), oriented strand board (OSB), DensGlass, plywood, sheathing, steel studs, preformed panels and rainscreens.

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FibaFuse Max Drywall Tape

Designed for professional renovators and remodelers, FibaFuse Max is an innovative, paperless drywall tape. Using an open-fiber design, FibaFuse allows the compound to flow through the tape for a stronger bond, free from blisters and bubbles. The tape’s blue reinforcement layer incorporates a multi-directional, crack-resistant pattern that prevents the inside corners from being torn accidentally.



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