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Homeowners Say ‘No Thanks’ to These Design Trends


A study by the National Association of Home Builders identified which features homeowners are happy to do without in a new home.

Elevators remain a niche feature for remodelers and builders that focus on accessibility and mobility. Two-thirds of respondents said they do not want an elevator in their home. Since over three-quarters of respondents surveyed by NAHB had purchased or were shopping for a single-family home, that’s not too surprising.

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Another feature whose unpopularity may be attributed to the high representation of single-family homebuyers is green roofs. NAHB found 50% of buyers do not want a roof either partially or wholly covered with plants.

Denver is requiring green roofs on certain buildings including residential buildings larger than 25,000 square feet. However, like elevators, green roofs remain a niche offering for single-family homes.

Homeowners also rejected wine cellars (57%), pet washing stations (49%) and dual toilets in the master bath (48%).

Materials that homeowners crossed off their must-have list include cork floors (47%) and laminate countertops (46%).

Community features that homebuyers expressed little interest in include daycare centers (50%), golf course communities (47%) and high-density developments (46%).


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