Napoleon Launches New Construction Heater


Napoleon Heating and Cooling launched a new natural gas furnace line that is easier to clean, so builders can use the furnace to warm new construction projects.

“During construction of a home, drywall dust can be a real problem,” David Shulver, vice president of research and development at Napoleon, said in a video introducing the new line. “If you use a furnace to heat the home during that time, dust gets inside the heat exchanger. It gets inside the electronics, it gets inside the blower, it gets inside the motor.”

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Napoleon’s 9600Q line uses modular heat exchangers and blowers that are easy to remove so they can be cleaned and inspected before turning the home over to the new owner.

“Napoleon is thrilled to offer our new line of gas furnaces, specially equipped for efficiency during the construction process,” says Stephen Schroeter of Napoleon Heating and Cooling. “Rather than using a space heater, which lacks efficiency and durability, the 9600Q makes for an easy transition from building stages to move-in day.”



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