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The Perfect Steel Siding Options for a Colorado Home

Mountain home with snow

Steel siding is an excellent option for homes located in Colorado for a number of reasons. With terrain and climate challenges unique to the Centennial State, steel stands up to the unique needs of the region by offering low-maintenance, heavy-duty, weather-resistant protection that is available in attractive styles.

Siding Challenges in Colorado

Whether you’re born-and-raised in Colorado or have recently relocated, you’re probably already aware of the incredible weather challenges unique to this beautiful state. From deep snow late in the season to unpredictable wildfire flare-ups during dry spells, the diverse terrain comes with a long list of challenges that homeowners need to be aware of. For the best protection, residential siding should be durable and weather-resistant — plus, the less flammable, the better!

People living in the Centennial State often share a love of the outdoors, and this admiration tends to cross over into home aesthetics. Siding that looks ‘outdoorsy’ tends to be desirable in Colorado, and many homeowners choose to veer away from ultra-urban styles. Whether homeowners want a slightly natural aesthetic for their Denver home or they want to go full barndominium, there’s a wide range of variety with steel siding. Many steel products have been developed to accommodate more natural tastes, so it’s now possible to get the laid-back look of real wood with heavy-duty steel.

Barndominium for natural taste

Sustainability is another priority for homeowners in Colorado. One of the factors that influences sustainability is the longevity of a product. In other words, the longer-lasting the siding is, the less often it will need to be replaced, meaning fewer materials are utilized. Unlike flimsy materials like vinyl, durable siding options like steel tend to offer impressive product longevity, reducing the amount of waste generated over the years.

Finally, low-maintenance products are also a bonus for individuals who are building a vacation home in Colorado. Summer or winter homes don’t benefit from the everyday inspection that’s possible when a person is present on the property year-round. This means that repairs and upkeep may go unnoticed — which can lead to much bigger property problems. Steel siding is virtually maintenance-free, which means there’s no need to worry about disrepair or upkeep, even when you’re away from the home for months at a time.

Steel Siding Products Outperform Traditional Siding Materials

For all the reasons mentioned above, Colorado homeowners can benefit from choosing steel siding over traditional materials like vinyl, wood, and asphalt. Unlike traditional materials, steel is unsusceptible to the rotting, warping, and mold growth issues that are so common with wood and vinyl siding. Steel offers incredible weather-resistance that simply outperforms these materials. This is also true with its flammability level, which is without comparison to vinyl and wood, materials that can fuel open flames and cause fires to spread super fast.

Steel siding also outperforms natural wood when it comes to upkeep. Though natural wood is intrinsically beautiful, it requires an abundance of upkeep and attention to keep it looking good and performing adequately. Because it’s so easily damaged by moisture, insects, and sun exposure, sanding, caulking, staining, and filling in chips are all part of the deal with wood siding, whereas steel requires no upkeep to maintain its luster and strength.

Log siding

Two Great Styles with Steel: Log Siding and Board and Batten

Homeowners sometimes hesitate when it comes to discussing the aesthetics of steel, but only if they’re unfamiliar with the siding products available in today’s home renovation market. Innovative companies like TruLog have developed impressive style selections for steel siding, including steel log siding, which recreates the look of natural logs, making it a great choice for cabins, weekend homes, bungalows, and mountain lodges. Another stylish option is board and batten siding, which is now available in steel. Board and batten takes inspiration from a classic, vertical siding approach that’s often seen in seaside towns, frontier revival homes, prairie structures, and more.

Both styles — steel log siding and board and batten — benefit from an enhanced surface design that showcases the appearance of genuine wood, which only helps beautify the exterior even more. Though many companies have tried to imitate the charm of natural wood grain, no one has perfected the technique quite like TruLog. Unlike cheap imitations that appear pixelated, TruLog has developed a highly-effective patterning process, known as their HD Wood Grain Finish, which gives these steel siding products an authentic appearance ready to rival Mother Nature. In other words, TruLog products allow Colorado homeowners to get the enhanced protection of steel without giving up the iconic look of classic wood styles.

Steel Siding Offers Advantages in Colorado Climate

It’s foolish to build or renovate a home without considering the unique threats that the home will face in its particular region. For Colorado folks, this means factoring in the rain, snow, wind, sun, and wildfire conditions that make the West such a beautiful place to live. When selecting exterior siding, it all comes down to durability, weather-resistance, maintenance needs, and longevity. Simply put, steel is the best material for meeting and exceeding all these points.


Plus, with many different styles, colors, and aesthetic options, modern-day steel siding can offer the protection and peace of mind that homeowners need in such a precarious climate — all without giving up dreams of how you want the home to look on the outside. When it comes to residential properties in Colorado, steel siding is the way to go.

Looking for additional information, contact TruLog at (970) 646-4490 or [email protected].

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