4 Ways to Protect your Business from Cyberattack


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    1. Set up a VPN.

      A virtual private network encrypts data sent and received by devices when they’re not connected to the home network. There are many free or subscription-based VPN providers to choose from.

    2. Update your login credentials.

      If you use any IoT devices at home or in your business and you haven’t changed the default username or password, do so now.

    3. Train your employees.

      A simple but successful way hackers gain access to a business’s data is simply by emailing a malicious link or attachment to a company’s workers. If an incautious employee opens them—or innocently believes they’re responding to the boss instead of an attacker masquerading as the boss—your data could be compromised. Ongoing training for employees, especially those who have access to the most sensitive data, can help prevent these kinds of breaches.

    4. Invest in cybersecurity insurance.

      Most general liability policies won’t cover damages caused by a cyberattack. A specific cybersecurity policy may help with legal fees and expenses if customer or employee data is compromised, as well as the costs associated with notifying customers, restoring or recovering data, and repairing networks that were attacked. However, cybersecurity insurance is fairly new and far from standard.

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