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High-Tech Design: The Key to Seamlessly Blending Indoor and Outdoor Spaces


Today’s designs emphasize natural movement between inside and outside

One of my favorite feelings is stepping outside on a crisp spring morning. Bees zoom around as they explore blossoming trees, seeking out nectar like little pots of gold at the heart of each flower. The smell of life is everywhere (admittedly not so enjoyable for those with allergies), and little spots of green peek out on every branch.

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As  the  weather warms up and folks uncover their grills and prep the pool for another party season, the desire to bring indoor activities outside naturally follows. Why watch the game in the living room when it can be enjoyed outside?

While great in theory, outdoor technology of the past didn’t really persuade people to linger. Instead, most would hang out for a few minutes then go inside to resume watching—not because it wasn’t nice outside, but because outdoor TVs stunk, and the best sound was found elsewhere. Or perhaps they wanted to get away from the mosquitos. Today, things have changed.

Today’s home designs place special emphasis on blending indoor and outdoor spaces to encourage natural movement between the two. Gone are the days of a simple sliding door in the kitchen. Whole walls are opening up!

If the goal is for homeowners to move seamlessly from the great room to the backyard, then the entertainment experiences they enjoy inside need to carry through to the outdoors. This doesn’t happen if they transition from a great sounding audio system and beautiful visuals indoors to tinny-sounding speakers and a small outdoor TV (or even worse, an indoor TV placed outside). All aspects of a cohesive system must be of a similar quality and operate in perfect synchronization. Automated screens that close to create a bug-proof barrier without interrupting the flow of fresh air are a great solution for the mosquito problem.

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Seeing people trade out some of their thirsty and unimaginative lawns for cleverly designed plumes of yarrow, lavender and ornamental grasses is also great. Using less water while also adding colorful flowers and zen-like movement in the breeze is the ultimate win-win! While diversifying the plant life drastically improves a space during the day, pleasant Colorado nights beg for us to extend our time outdoors after the sun goes down.

Not many people enjoy sitting around in silent darkness though, so including luxurious lighting and great sounding music is a must! Installing obtrusive speakers on an otherwise-pristine wall and blasting sound toward the neighbors is easy, and turning outdoor lights on and off can be done with a simple timer. However, blanketing outdoor spaces with enjoyable sound at neighbor-friendly levels is much more difficult. Creating a resort-like ambiance that blends purposeful light with decorative full-color accents can’t be achieved without innovative solutions.

Springtime in Colorado is heaven on earth, from radiant mornings to peaceful nights under the stars. As home floor plans and landscape designs evolve, incorporating modern technology helps create an environment for uninterrupted indoor-outdoor living and further encourages homeowners to maximize every opportunity to enjoy their space.

Builders should help homeowners avoid unsightly outdoor tech that serves as little more than a brief diversion. The integration of modern audio, video, lighting, and other solutions ensures that outdoor entertainment experiences are as engaging as their indoor counterparts. With the expertise of home technology professionals, these systems not only compliment the beauty of a vibrant and sustainable garden but enhance the ways homeowners can live, play and entertain outside.



  • Andy Cochran

    Andy Cochran is a sales consultant with Aurum Home Technology in Denver. He specializes in solutions for high-end custom homes. He can be reached by phone at 720-960-1599 or by email at [email protected]. Find him on LinkedIn at and Instagram at @andy_andycochran.

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