Home Depot, Buildertrend Partner in Web-based Project and Expense Management Tool


The most profitable contractors have strong business and expense management strategies. Now construction pros can access these powerful tools in one place. The full integration of The Home Depot’s Pro Xtra program with Buildertrend’s project-management platform helps construction professionals grow strong, profitable businesses.

In an exclusive Aug. 24 webinar, the nation’s largest hardware chain, The Home Depot,  announced a national partnership with Buildertrend, the leading construction project management software for home builders, remodelers and specialty contractors that also hosted the virtual event. Together, they revealed a full integration between the companies’ web-based platforms, leveraging their respective expertise to develop a powerful technology that not only helps construction industry professionals manage and grow their business, but also streamlines purchasing and expenses in a single app.

The result of two years in development and end-user beta testing, Buildertrend users with no-cost Pro Xtra memberships can now access every benefit The Home Depot’s program provides, such as real-time access to product availability, volume pricing, special discounts and offers, purchase tracking and simple syncing between the two accounts. Once the platforms are connected, pros can make all their Home Depot purchases directly from the Buildertrend app, accelerating and simplifying the purchasing experience. Maintaining and tracking expenses also becomes easier, as users can generate and save receipts automatically, maintain product lists and easily review a 25-month purchase history at a glance.

This seamless integration between these two industry leaders can help professionals save money and time, limit errors and delays, and increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

“We value innovation, so we knew Buildertrend was the right thing to bring to our Pro Xtra program,” explained Frank Blake, The Home Depot’s general manager for outside sales. “The process is seamless in that it allows you to order Hope Depot equipment integrated with Buildertrend, and that’s a way to make our customers stronger and more profitable.”

Adding The Home Depot to its impressive host of integrated partners that already includes several accounting, social media, design and calendar platforms adds even more flex to Buildertrend’s muscle.

“This integration advances our focus on providing adaptive and intuitive technology designed to boost our customers’ profitability and efficiency,” said Buildertrend’s chief strategy officer, David Arnold. “Buildertrend users who are Pro Xtra members will experience The Home Depot’s first end-to-end purchasing integration with a construction management software.”

Building professionals can access these tools from either website or app, and Pro Xtra members can get as much as 10% off the cost of registering with Buildertrend.



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