Home Tech Innovations for 2024 and Beyond


Speedy internet and sophisticated AI are headed for homes

It seems that no matter how amazing today’s technology is, folks can’t wait to hear what’s coming next.

Though it’s impossible to predict all of what home tech will offer in the future, these are a couple of the hot topics I expect customers to focus on in the coming years.

Ever faster internet

While most homes in populated parts of the state have access to high speed internet that fulfills most needs, some service providers are now offering internet speeds exceeding the 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) standard that was considered absurdly fast up to this point.

In the near future, more households will have access to internet speeds of 2+ Gbps. While it will become easier to get multi-gig internet to some homes, the real question is what to do with it from that point.

Most home networking products that are currently on the market can only handle a 1 Gbps connection, so don’t assume that just because faster internet is available to your homeowners, they will be able to maximize it.

Builders should consider this when choosing what network infrastructure to offer their customers. Make sure your home tech pros provide future-proof solutions and wiring infrastructure that provides upgrade paths so homeowners can keep up in the long term.

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Next-generation home automation

Add my name to the list of those who are excited to see smart homes get smarter with the help of AI. But what does that mean?

For one thing, voice control will improve. Get ready to hear a lot about new voice technology that better understands the way people speak, is privacy-focused and designed solely for useful home automation—not to sell you stuff.

Deep integration with internet services like weather forecasts and facial recognition software will add powerful new features to everything from motorized shades to surveillance cameras. Consider how nice it will be to avoid unneeded notifications from a smart doorbell that recognizes household members but offers alerts when a stranger visits.

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Self-healing technology that can recognize a problem when it occurs, and fix it without human intervention, will improve the reliability of critical components.

As future home systems learn homeowners’ routines and preferences, users will push fewer buttons and spend less time messing with apps. Instead of simply making it easier to control a plethora of home electronics, future systems will deliver on the promises of truly useful home automation.



  • Andy Cochran

    Andy Cochran is a sales consultant with Aurum Home Technology in Denver. He specializes in solutions for high-end custom homes. He can be reached by phone at 720-960-1599 or by email at [email protected]. Find him on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/andy-cochran-24317868/ and Instagram at @andy_andycochran.


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