Smart Home Energy Revolution


What is smart home energy?

The home technology industry is leading an energy revolution that will enable architects, homebuilders and electricians to build homes that are more environmentally friendly, resilient, and energy independent.

Power management systems

New intelligent power management systems make every home more efficient. Smart circuit breakers can be added to report how electricity is used on a circuit-by-circuit level. Armed with that information, homeowners can make lifestyle changes to use less electricity. They can identify problems in the home that may cause power waste and high bills as a result.

Taken a step further, smart power management systems combine all available power sources into a seamless supply to the home. The system leverages all available power sources to provide a truly comprehensive supply of electricity.

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Lifestyle and cost-saving benefits

There are many lifestyle and cost-saving benefits available through these new systems. For example, they can be programmed to route solar power to the electric car charger during the day, then finish charging from grid power at non-peak hours at night. If a storm is on the horizon, the system will automatically prioritize charging the home’s batteries instead of some other less important purpose.

During a prolonged power outage, backup power sources will last longer because, as reserve power declines, the system will automatically change where electricity is routed. Although most of this is automated, once the system is programmed, homeowners can choose to shift power where they need it in the moment. They aren’t locked into powering only those critical circuits that are hard-wired to the backup generator when the power goes out.

Home technology has always been about transforming complex electronic systems into a something that anyone can maximize. When a home technology pro is called in, we add simple controls to give homeowners an “easy button” to perform otherwise complex tasks.

We are now prepared to add an intuitive control to home power systems. We can give homeowners tools to easily reduce energy consumption. If alternative power sources are added, we can maximize those to make homes more energy independent or resilient. We can arm homeowners with the control to make changes to their comprehensive energy system based on their unique needs in the moment.

Come join us as we take the next big step in home technology.



  • Andy Cochran

    Andy Cochran is a sales consultant with Aurum Home Technology in Denver. He specializes in solutions for high-end custom homes. He can be reached by phone at 720-960-1599 or by email at [email protected]. Find him on LinkedIn at and Instagram at @andy_andycochran.


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