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Design: The Most Exciting Trend in Home Technology

The best gadgets blend form and function

Close your eyes for a moment and picture what comes to mind when you hear the words “home technology.”

Maybe what you see is a jumble of devices like plastic Bluetooth light switches installed sporadically around the house, voice assistant-equipped speakers sitting on the kitchen counter, “smart” everything everywhere, from the doorbell to the fridge to the washing machine.

That’s not how it should be.

Those homeowners who consider their technology needs during the building process benefit from having their homes outfitted with products like smart thermostats and in-ceiling speakers in a way that lessens the visual impact of having those things in the room.

Lessening technology’s negative visual impact on the home isn’t enough, though. Technology should empower builders to create more functional and beautiful spaces.

I’m sure everyone has seen Samsung’s Frame TV – the TV that looks like a beautifully framed painting or photograph when the screen is turned off. That product helped accelerate a shift in the world of custom home technology toward function in hand with form over the past few years. Where TVs that looked like art previously existed in the past for niche applications, this solution can now fit in many rooms.

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The same trends that led to the Frame TV’s huge success are just as applicable for all other home systems too. From climate controls to window shades, light switches to speakers, new and updated solutions are available to bring the functionality of innovative technology to environments where ugly products just shouldn’t be.

Invisible speakers can be concealed behind drywall finishes or wallpaper and outperform most traditional models. Motorized window coverings in every form and style can enhance any room. Lighting keypads and switches can be finished in a variety of materials that perfectly compliment the other finishes in any space.

After a successful project is completed in an incredible home and photos of it are published in a magazine or on a website, it can be a bit sad that none of the technology can be seen in the pictures. How do home technology pros show off their work to friends and family in those cases?

But that’s the whole point. Modern home technology is meant to make homes look their best. Just because few of our products can be seen in the photos doesn’t mean the house doesn’t absolutely rock when the music is turned up to 11!



  • Andy Cochran

    Andy Cochran is a sales consultant with Aurum Home Technology in Denver. He specializes in solutions for high-end custom homes. He can be reached by phone at 720-960-1599 or by email at [email protected]. Find him on LinkedIn at and Instagram at @andy_andycochran.

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  1. At Stonebridge Builders, we’ve wholeheartedly embraced the idea that modern home technology should be as much about aesthetics as functionality. Products such as Samsung’s Frame TV highlight the potential of this union. While the best tech integrations may be subtly embedded, making them almost invisible, their impact is profound. As the article rightly points out, the future lies in intertwining design and tech seamlessly, a principle we champion in every Stonebridge project.


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