The Convergence of AI and IoT and the Impact on Smart Homes


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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a feature that allows a computer to perform specific activities for a human automatically, among other things. The framework’s ability to do tasks is usually determined by the data it has gathered and “prepared” on using a number of machine-learning or deep-learning methods.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is technology that allows internet-connected devices and appliances to communicate. They can be operated remotely, communicate data about their current state by a command, or respond to voice commands.

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Smart gadgets and appliances range from essential lighting, fans, air conditioners, washing machines, freezers and other similar items found in homes to more substantial electrical equipment found in structures, such as pumps and fire alarm systems.

In smart homes, IoT frameworks provide the data, and AI uses that data to execute specific functions that reduce human stress. From a distance, smart devices with AI and IoT integration respond to a user’s voice commands or a pre-programmed AI command. For example, Google’s Nest thermostat learns how people use it over time and uses that data to automatically adjust the temperature to ensure comfort when people are at home and energy efficiency when they are not.


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