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TrueLook Integrates with Autodesk on BIM Offering

TrueLook, a construction jobsite camera provider, announced in early August that it has integrated with Autodesk BIM 360 to allow users to attach jobsite photos to projects or share them with contacts.

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“Once you’ve connected your TrueLook and Autodesk accounts, you can look at any TrueLook image, mark it up and send it to other Autodesk users,” Ken Pittman, chief marketing officer for TrueLook, said in a statement. “If a subcontractor needs to see a particular image, you can share it with them through Autodesk BIM 360 even if they’re not a TrueLook user.”

The integration also collects and stores photos and timelapses in albums.

“The complexity of today’s construction projects is exacerbated by the sheer volume of data collected through the life of a project, including a massive number of photos and video,” Sarah Hodges, senior director of Autodesk’s construction business line, said in a statement. “This integration allows Autodesk and TrueLook users to keep all of that image-based data organized in one place. We’re giving our customers added value and helping them finish jobs more quickly and with better results.”


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