Mountain home in snow

Colorado, with the Rocky Mountains running through them, is a stunning state. It is the ideal place to call home if you love the outdoors, and healthy living is something you desire. Homes can range in style in the state, from rustic log cabins to modern luxury homes. No matter your style, you want to choose the best materials, especially if you are building your dream home in Colorado. You can’t just focus on the looks. With Colorado’s extreme weather, it is important to ensure the materials you select can handle Colorado’s climate and weather.

Here are seven trending and innovative materials to consider when building your home.

#1) Fire-resistant roofing

Brown metal roofing material

Fire-resistant roofing comes in many forms and is critical for west coast homes. While the product itself has been around for a few years now, the new emerging styles make it innovative. Now, homeowners can choose from more materials, including composite roofing, designed to mimic other styles, such as slate, clay, and wood shakes. These shingles can be so realistic, they are indistinguishable from their real counterparts but are lighter, more cost-effective, and boast Class A fire ratings.

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