#4) Board and batten shutters

Trending Board and batten shutters

Board and batten shutters are a classic style of shutters that are becoming popular once more. They are perfect for rustic-style homes or adding a classic touch to other styles. Aside from being a stylistic choice, board and batten shutters add another layer of protection from the elements. You can close them to block out the cold or close them to minimize the amount of sun entering your home during the summer. They also can provide some protection during storms, keeping windows safe from harsh winds.

#5) Solar panels

Home solar panels

Renewable energy like solar power is an increasingly popular feature for homes everywhere, including Colorado. There are countless benefits to installing panels in your home. One is reduced electricity bills, as you will rely less on traditional methods of powering your home. Turning to solar energy also means you will reduce your contribution to greenhouse gases, a major contributor to pollution. Another benefit is the potential for tax credits and rebates from your insurance company.

While solar panels can initially be costly to install, you will start seeing the benefits almost immediately, making them well worth the investment.

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