Innovative new green building products and materials from the mountain region: Product spotlight

Mountain region companies pioneer developments in green building materials

5280 Recycling Solutions transforms recycled drywall waste and plastic into green building blocks
Photo: 5280 Recycling Solutions

At the 2021 USGBC Live event, four mountain-region organizations discussed their innovative new green building products and materials.  Discover three of these new materials in this slideshow.

Recycled post-consumer waste drywall

Proving that blending drywall with plastics is not only possible, but also that this combination can be repurposed into something useful, Colorado-based 5280 Recycling Solutions is currently constructing a facility in Brighton, CO to manufacture this new material in the form of full-size pavers. Featuring a 10,300-psi compression strength and 99% water resistance, the material will also be used to produce retention walls and decorative planters, and a sheet product aimed at rivaling backer board is also on the horizon.

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Green builders easily cut Hempitecture’s natural hemp fiber batt insulation
Photo: Hempitecture

Rapidly renewable batt insulation

A new, natural-fiber batt insulation that improves energy efficiency without adding toxic or high embodied carbon materials to buildings, HempWool® is the brainchild of Hempitecture, a Twin Falls, Idaho company. Made from regionally sourced hemp and easy to work with, it can serve as a one-to-one replacement for more conventional (but less sustainable and healthy) batt-insulation products like fiberglass or mineral wool.

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Flek panels from 3form made with recycled materials
Photo: 3form

High-recycled-content architectural resins and glass

After 10 years of research and development as well as the use of optical sorting technology, Salt Lake City innovator 3form now creates Flek—aesthetically appealing, modern panels made with 75% recycled materials. The company then goes one step further, capturing waste from the Flek production process and upcycling it into new, closed-loop panels.

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High-recycled-content panels

Also from 3form, Flek panels are perfect for partitions, offering a unique translucent terrazzo design to this workspace. This image depicts partitions in a warm gray “Avenue” and the ILTUO hardware system.

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Flek panels from 3form serve as sustainable partitions in an office
Photo: 3form

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