Conserving Our Natural Resources


Sustainable Urban Development is Key

The depletion of natural resources is a growing concern, particularly in urban areas where resources are in high demand. For example, water has been referred to as “liquid gold” in many areas, including the West, and is increasingly in demand nationwide. It is important for cities and counties, as well as the business sector, to organize manpower and resources to be independent of their geographical areas and to consider integrating alternative solutions to retain and conserve our natural resources.

How do we conserve natural resources?

Construction and real estate development professionals offer helpful recommendations for sustainable urban development.

John Kurowski, president of Kurowski Custom Homes and Remodeling, says, “We need to consider alternative solutions to energy conservation, such as solar, gas and oil energy resources, in addition to electric power.” John says power grids are not designed to be the only energy resource today.

Jake Wilson, COO of Conscious Living Design and Builds, says, “To mitigate poorly insulated existing homes and buildings with leak-proof windows, roofs and doors; use water conservation technology and equipment while removing toxins from the water, and enhance as many homes and buildings as possible with many cost-effective environmental improvements.”

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Beth Kenney, a 20-year Colorado loan officer who specializes in residential financing, is positive about the trend of more customers buying homes in urban settings close to work, school and services, so they can walk, bike and use public transportation. “People are becoming more conscientious about the environment and want to contribute to reducing global warming today,” she says.

Joe Womack, president of Fireplace Warehouse, says, “When integrated into construction, urban sustainability can create warmth and energy conservation through well-maintained fireplaces, grills and fire pits.” He looks forward to improving lifestyle environments with the finest alternative energy solutions.

John Danielian, president of Danielian Associates, an award-winning international architecture and land planning firm, is planning a new city west of the Costa Rican capital of San Jose. It will include new self-sustaining equipment and technology to power the entire city and extract moisture from the landfill, converting it to distilled water. Additionally, carbon will be produced for agriculture and manufacturing use with zero emissions. “Urban planning solutions like these are the evolution of collaborative scientists and medical professionals working with manufacturers to enhance our natural resources rather than deplete them,” he says.

Geologists, building scientists, researchers and doomsday clock watchers have educated us that we are doomed if we do not work together to save, conserve and use our resources wisely. It will take a village to make a difference now, today and forever. If not now, when?



  • S. Robert August

    S. Robert August is the President of North Star Synergies, a nationally and globally accomplished and award-winning real estate development marketing, management and sales concern headquartered in Denver. Robert also serves as the Senior Vice President of Business Development for Green Homes Builders of Australia, New Zealand and the U.S., as well as a member of the Board of Directors of Environmental Service Professionals and RSG3D. He can be contacted by cell phone at 303.601.5840 and office phone at 303.500.3400, [email protected], and


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