Product Spotlight – Water Features

Fountains: Haddonstone, Aquascape


The pandemic forced us all into our homes for extended periods of time. A lot of homeowners used that time to cast a critical eye at their backyards and patios, and found plenty they wanted to change. The Home Improvement Research Institute found in a survey that homeowners have been eager to enhance their outdoor space as their typical daily activities were canceled to prevent the spread of the virus. These enhancements are likely to continue as we face another spring and summer of limited social excursions while the vaccine is slowly rolled out to the general population.


outdoor space
[Photo: Haddonstone]

Haddonstone’s spiral tower fountain is frost-proof cast limestone. It is 31.5 inches high, and 9.87 inches wide. The fountain is available in five colors, and comes with a pump and pebble pool liner.

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outdoor space
[Photo: Aquascape]

The fire and water stacked slate sphere from Aquascape uses a fiber-resin composite for a lightweight feature. It can be fueled by propane or natural gas, and features an auto-ignite flame control system. The stainless steel burner system produces 60,000 BTUs.

The fountain is 24 inches high and 32 inches wide.

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