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Making the Home Building Experience Simpler


The Pinnacle Companies: A Summit County Company

With a unique, balanced approach to custom home building, The Pinnacle Companies focus on people and processes.

Renowned for its majestic mountain landscape bespeckled with famous ski resorts and quaint towns, it’s little wonder the well-heeled crave a second/vacation home amidst Summit County’s inimitable environs, nor is it particularly surprising that preexisting properties hold almost no appeal to them. Indeed, with the means to construct a luxury mountain retreat of their own, these individuals prefer to tailor their new homes to accommodate their lifestyles, reflect their passions and make them feel right at home the moment they cross the threshold.

Naturally, a more refined clientele demands an equally sophisticated builder. With a 16-year reputation for superior skills, unwavering integrity and an impressive suite of custom services, The Pinnacle Companies offer an elevated, holistic, transparent and integrated team approach to custom home building.

With streamlined, client-centric and expert methodologies just as unique as each of the 80+ Summit County Pinnacle custom homes, their dedicated in-house teams of experts in architecture, building, interior design, rental management and even home care, work alongside clients to ensure all their needs and questions are vigorously addressed throughout the process.

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“Our ability to tie architecture, interior design, high-end furniture and even hospitality and travel services to the building process really sets us apart,” says Lindsay Wilson, Marketing Director with The Pinnacle Homes. “With so many experts under one roof, there’s almost nothing Pinnacle can’t do for our clients.”

The primary product line is its invaluable expertise, with brilliant architecture, building and design teams sharing a common goal to create spaces that bring people together and rekindle their connection to the mountain landscape they love.

Awe-inspiring architecture

Key to the success of any structure, knowledgeable and trustworthy architects are the cornerstones of all high-country Pinnacle homes. Mountain construction often requires creative ways to overcome challenges, yet that same rocky landscape also shapes the home’s structural needs and aesthetics.

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“Designing homes that defy and embrace the natural surrounding elements” is their apt motto, and although the architectural team is Pinnacle’s most recent addition, their progressive and inventive abilities creatively push the proverbial envelope while simultaneously supporting the client’s budget and comfort zones.

Inspired interior design

Transforming a client’s dream vacation home into a livable reality is no small feat. After all, great bones don’t do much good without some good meat on them, so that’s where Pinnacle’s full-service interior design team really shines. Many owners are easily overwhelmed by the task, but their savvy designers can help strike the ideal balance between complementing the home’s natural surroundings and reflecting their lifestyle.

Their design process is sought across the nation, and thanks to the miracles of modern technology, Pinnacle design services can be performed from almost anywhere. And just as with its ace architects, clients can take advantage of their services without being compelled to build with Pinnacle.



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