fountain pool water featureTie: Water features and new wood deck

Joy Score: 9.8

Consumers rated water features and new wood decks roughly equal. In addition to being tied on the Joy Score, the consumers who said they had a greater desire to be home after their respective projects were completed were almost equal: 83% of consumers with a new water feature, compared to 81% of those with a new deck. Seventy-nine percent of those with a new water feature and 74% with a new deck said they enjoyed being at home more.

The report did not include data on project costs or value estimates on water features, so it’s harder to compare the ROI between the two projects. The report did find that homeowners can recoup about 80% of the cost of a new deck. The NALP survey found professionals estimate a 14-foot by 18-foot attached cedar deck finished with a clear sealer would cost around $10,000.

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Realtors estimated homeowners could recover around $8,000, and while 9% recommended that a seller take on the project, just 4% said it recently closed a sale for them.

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