7 online training opportunities for professional builders

Now’s a good time for builders to evaluate training for themselves and their crews
These resources include a variety of areas, from safety to trade skills. (Photo: Piyamas Dulmunsumphun, Dreamstime)

The transition to digital resources is gaining traction now more than ever. For professional builders, online training opportunities are ready and available for use. These resources include a variety of areas, from safety to trade skills. They encompass the tools and best practices that builders will benefit from in their careers. Here are some helpful resources for online training.

CSU Global Construction Management

This Colorado-based organization offers courses in construction management where professionals can boost their knowledge. Since management can range across a variety of responsibilities, this CSU Global course makes sure to cover it all. Builders can learn about material selections, cost estimation and understanding business relationships.

They’ll then be able to put these smaller areas together to work on their project management skills and learn how suppliers and vendors go hand-in-hand. The added focus on sustainable development provides a unique perspective, too. Overall, this course will work well with degrees in business management, project management and organizational leadership. It ultimately totals 15 credit hours.

Colorado Home Building Bootcamp

From Colorado Home Building Academy comes a construction skills Bootcamp that covers a range of topics. This three-week course meets online four times per week, and offers afternoon or evening classes. It will cover basic safety topics like common issues, best practices, fire hazards and how to address them. It also equips its students with industry knowledge to identify career paths.

Other tools and insights will include covering construction math and how it plays a crucial role in the field as well as trade experience. Those in this course can build connections with their peers and industry leaders to solidify their career trajectory.


OSHA offers several online resources for construction training. Specifically, however, its safety training programs are a popular place for professional builders. One of the most important aspects of construction is the safety precautions and standards that it requires. OSHA’s courses allow builders to get the experience and knowledge they need.

From OSHA’s construction safety classes, professionals can look into a number of areas. For instance, general basic safety regarding workplace hazards and protection is a standard option. Another option is the welding and cutting class that discusses common types of welding and the dangers that come with them. OSHA reasonably prices these classes for all to access.

T4NA Caterpillar Training

This resource from Technicians for North America (T4NA) is a completely free course for builders of any knowledge and experience level. This course lasts three to six months, and provides learners with everything they need to know about using Caterpillar machinery. Then they can receive their certificate of completion and venture into the industry.

This class is helpful for those who are just starting out, builders who are expanding their knowledge or professionals in the field. Experts may want to revisit the basics or add another certificate to their portfolio in order to continue making progress in the industry.

NCCER Virtual Training

Since virtual training is now becoming more popular, NCCER’s program is a helpful resource for those who are looking to gain experience in several fields. Most professional builders in the field possess a range of skills that they can advertise for their business or practice. With NCCER, other professionals can do the same.

The training covers the basics in terms of safety and core curriculum materials. These serve as the foundation for the rest of the class. NCCER then provides its students with training in carpentry, construction technology, electrical work, HVAC systems, welding and more. Builders can access this information through platforms like Skype or Zoom.

Alison Construction Trade Skills

The Alison Learning Path is offering a course in construction trade skills to give an overview of multiple fields. Tools, materials and building methods make up the basic introduction in this class. However, it expands and includes much more. From carpentry to plumbing to electrical work, professionals will be able to gain experience with it all.

This path provides an introductory lesson for each field, then goes further in-depth to give the best insight. There are 11 lessons overall and the class will reach a total of 24 to 26 hours upon completion. Builders can work their way through and experience the world of each field within construction.

Online resources for skilled trades

With these online opportunities, professional builders will be able to expand their horizons with new knowledge and skills. As learning, in any form, shifts to being completely or mostly virtual, builders will adjust as well. These online resources are helpful places to start learning and succeeding in construction.


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