Builders’ guide to managing COVID-19

There’s still a lot we don’t know about coronavirus. Here’s what we do know about keeping workplaces safe
Social distancing is an effective way to limit the spread of COVID-19. (Photo: Dimitri Karastelev, Dreamstime)

Some companies have put “pandemic pay” programs into place, Roy said.

She pointed out that COVID-19 broke out during flu season, so sick workers may not have COVID-19 or could even have multiple viruses at once.

What are builders’ responsibilities in terms of recordkeeping if they have workers who test positive?

OSHA has clarified that COVID-19 should be treated differently from cold and flu.  

“You want to determine if it’s a confirmed case,” Roy said. Then they have to determine if it’s work-related.

“If you have another known case, and that person was a close contact, then you would need to consider it to be a work-related case,” she said.

Workers who spend 15 minutes within six to 10 feet of each other would be considered “close contact,” she said.

Someone who is sent home for showing symptoms, thus having time away from work, would trigger a recordable event, as well as anyone who receives medical treatment due to the virus.

How should employers address return-to-work restrictions for workers who have tested positive for the virus?

Workers have to be fever free and have two negative tests before they can be cleared for work again, Roy said.

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