Professional home builders are still needed and here’s why

Construction is an essential industry
Builders and trades are critical, even as the pandemic shuts down other businesses.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the world on every level. People have put their personal lives on hold, and others have lost their jobs. Businesses can’t keep up with the revenue loss, except for the few that have been deemed essential. They can stay open, but not every necessary service might make the list.

Professional home builders are one of the many people who are still needed in the workforce. Here are a few reasons why their work is essential for both homeowners and businesses.

1. People still need homes.

Every project has a deadline for a reason. Purchasing contracts have specific move-in dates, and families could near the end of their lease. Without a finished home, they won’t have a place to live. 

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Whether they live out of their car, move in with family or find space in a homeless shelter, that results in more people exposed to the coronavirus. Flattening the curve is the best way for people to fight this pandemic, which means giving everyone a safe place to self-isolate.

2. Damages require professional assistance.

Homeowners learn how to make repairs even when they don’t want to. Leaky sinks and drafty windows are small projects they can handle on their own, but more significant emergencies might need professional expertise.

Issues like mold growth from basement flooding will continue to happen even during a pandemic. Residents need professional home builders with experience to spot problems and suggest solutions, rather than put a bandage on the situation. Without help, their homes could invite more damage that could turn irreparable. 

3. Roof damage can happen.

Even the most well-built homes can get damaged in weather events, which don’t care whether or not a pandemic is happening. Instead of risking their safety, residents can call roofing professionals to repair major roof damage so they get a high-quality resolution and not a DIY nightmare.

4. Unfinished projects are dangerous.

Half-built sites present dangers to curious neighbors and future team members. Exposed wiring, sharp edges and unsecured machinery cause the most common injuries to people walking over the unfinished site. Injured workers and property damage prolong when the home is safe to move into and puts more people at risk, which many companies and builders can’t afford to deal with.

5. They know what they’re doing.

Homebuilders are professionals for a reason. They know what they’re doing because they have experience and training. No one should be left without a home, injured or live under a damaged roof when the healthiest place for everyone is in their houses.

Kacey Mya is a blogger at The Drifter Collective. She can be reached at [email protected]

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