Construction Safety Week kicks off

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Do you have a culture of safety at your company?

May 7-11 is Construction Safety Week, and the industry is shining a spotlight on the dangers to workers and how companies can run safe job sites.

Nearly 20% of all fatal workplace injuries in 2016 were among construction workers. In the private industry, over 9% of nonfatal injuries were to construction workers.

The most common injury, according to 2016 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is contact with equipment or objects on a job site. Over a third of workers suffered a nonfatal injury this way.

However, when it comes to workplace deaths, falls are the leading cause of fatal accidents among construction workers. Nearly 38% of worker deaths were due to a fall to a lower level or a serious fall on the same level.

Colorado Builder will cover various safety events this week to help builders understand safety issues and create a culture of safety among their employees. Check out these articles for more on safety in construction, and bookmark this page to easily find updated content throughout the week.


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