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A note from our Editor-in-Chief, Valarie Rose Johnson
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“Individual commitment to a group effort is what makes a teamwork, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” – Vince Lombardi

Let’s face it; we are living in challenging times. I need not list the reasons; we are all too familiar with the unsettling circumstances. Might I suggest that if ever there were a time to invoke the tenets of teamwork, collaboration and connection, it is now?

Not only does collaboration drive workplace performance, it also provides cues for intrinsic motivation. The mere perception of working together can supercharge our performance. We are stronger together than we are alone.

When colleague and publisher Amy Hamm recently asked me to join her team as editor for Colorado Builder, I was grateful, honored and quite enthused. Little did I know I would be blown away by the talented, creative and collaborative team she has assembled over time.

This team represents collaboration in action. To that end, we mindfully convened and covered the issues of labor shortages, devastating fires, and the benefits of biophilic design in our spring issue.

In “Nurtured by Nature,” I delve into the empirical data showing the physical, mental, societal and professional benefits of spending time outdoors. Biophilic design and ecopsychology are strategically designed to bring about that natural oasis and enhanced sense of wellbeing, which translates into greater success personally and professionally.

Robert August shares relevant information about the fires that have destroyed so much in our beloved state. He pens a solutions-based article about fire prevention, mitigation and relief initiatives. He offers hope and resources via his coverage of The Marshall Fire Relief Task Force in his piece, “Wildfire Mitigation and Prevention for an Ever-increasing Climate Change.”

Challenges can also create opportunities. Corey Dahl dives into the complexities of the current labor shortage crisis. Though there doesn’t appear to be a resolution any time soon, there are effective ways to navigate these troubled waters; Dahl expounds upon that in her feature, “Four Ways Through the Construction Labor Shortage.”

You’ll glean similar educational nuggets from each of our informative departments and illuminating columns created by our team.

Now, I would love to learn more about your team.

At the end of the day, collaboration starts with connection. The primary principle of teamwork, according to most academic methodologies, is constructive communication.

How can we engage? Reach out to me. Let me know what issues are important to you. Tell me about a great story idea you would like to share with our readership. What inspires you about the building industry right here in the 303 (my native roots are showing)?

Let’s do it; let’s collaborate.

Valarie Johnson

Valarie is Editor-at-Large of Colorado Builder and has a 25-year, award-winning career as a publisher, editor and writer for local, regional, national and international publications. Valarie is a Colorado native and enjoys hiking, traveling, meditating, kayaking, yoga, reading and spending time with her husband and family. She can be reached at vjohns[email protected] or (303) 502-2523.

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