3 Digital Marketing Strategies for Home Builders and Remodelers


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Looking to remodel your digital marketing strategy or build one from scratch? The benefits of digital marketing benefits do not stop at businesses selling products; they also help businesses selling services—like home builders and remodelers. When it comes to service providers, digital marketing is used to generate leads and convert these leads into paying customers. This process brings unique challenges to builders and remodelers who provide high-quality, high-priced services.

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Consider these three strategies if you are a contractor looking to market your business online and see results.

Local search optimization

If you are looking to market yourself online and expand your home building or remodeling business, start with local search engine optimization, or local SEO. A remodeler in Denver can reach the entire world, but they must start by reaching hyperlocal neighborhoods and cities surrounding—this is the area where the bulk of the builder’s customers will come from.

Local SEO will be a large part of your digital marketing budget, and for good reason. Over 90% of users will pick businesses on the first page of local results, which makes ranking highly in local search results an absolute priority for your business. Some digital marketing strategies for getting the most out of local search include:

  • Claim or create a My Business profile on Google. This will include contact information, an address, photos and more. This provides all the necessary information for customers who are interested in your services.
  • Use SEO on your website so the search engines index the website with keywords associated with the location. For example, “Denver remodeler” and “Boulder home builder” are possible terms that can be used in your SEO strategy.
  • Encourage customer reviews. When a local business is searched, reviews will most likely appear at the top of the page. Encourage your happy customers to leave positive reviews that will immediately stand out to new customers and improve your business’s online reputation.

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Content marketing 

Content marketing is essentially offering your captivating content and expertise to other users. This content is then viewed by prospects as well as the audience that your business specifically targets.

Rather than purely promoting your home building or remodeling business, content marketing provides value to your potential customers, and showcases your skill and knowledge on the topics you provide service for. Not to mention, it will boost your SEO, which means your name appears in more searches.

Some examples of content that a builder and remodeler can include on a website include:

  • Galleries: Photos and videos of your past work will show potential customers your abilities and offer possible inspiration for their projects.
  • Blog posts: Offering tips and expertise in a quick blog is a great way to gain prospective customers and show off your knowledge.
  • Case studies: The unique situations you have faced as a remodeler or builder can show future customers how you developed a solution for past customers.

Targeted email marketing

Email marketing is a cost- and effort-effective method for your business. The purpose of an email marketing campaign is to promote your business and lead prospects to engage with your business to create eventual leads and sales.

Some key tips when it comes to drafting an email marketing campaign include:

  • Making a list: Your campaign all starts with who you are targeting. Including an email entry form on your website will make it easier to collect emails to send your marketing content to.
  • Having a clear call to action: The emails you send out should have a direct message and goal in order to better measure the conversions you receive.
  • Following up: In order to successfully complete a conversion, you must first follow up with potential leads and make the sale.

With an effective strategy, digital marketing can open new doors (see what I did there?) for home builders and remodelers.

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