Turn Home Tours into Home Sales


Home Builders Association chapters throughout the state are wrapping up their annual Parade of Homes showcases. As potential buyers have been visiting these beautiful model homes over the course of the summer, the showcases bring a lot of creativity and ideas to the marketplace. Now is the perfect time for builders to capitalize on prospects’ interest in new homes.

Developing repeatable, predictable business is an important element to growing a firm. In some cases, it makes more sense for a prospect to sell their current home and step up into new construction. Having a partnership with a real estate brokerage that can also list and market prospects’ homes will help draw their attention well past the Parade of Homes period, and start to set builders and contractors up for closings in early 2020.

We see that the Parade is a launch for buyers to step up—or step down, if they’re looking move into a smaller or more efficient home. In some cases, the showcase is an opportunity for ideas if prospects are looking at a second home. The Parade creates that inspiration, and builders with a dynamic partnership with the real estate community can harness that collaboration into a new stream of business.

Beyond builders

It’s not just new home builders who can build momentum off the Parade of Homes. The showcase helps create activity in multiple facets beyond just buying a newly built home.

This is an opportunity for buyers and homeowners to see, feel and understand new finishes and technologies, from appliances and HVAC to smart home tech and outdoor living.

Parade of Homes showcases provide amazing opportunities for potential homebuyers around the state to meet and engage with trade contractors in their communities. For example, a prospect who isn’t in the market for a new home but is looking for an upgraded appliance package could be introduced to providers like Ferguson.

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There’s a lot of attention today on outdoor living in Colorado. The outdoor living areas at Parade homes provide the public another opportunity to imagine what’s possible in their own homes, and to meet the vendors and service providers who can make that happen.



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