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Beyond Curb Appeal


The value of landscaping in new home construction

In the realm of real estate development, the significance of a strong first impression cannot be overlooked. Builders and developers strive to erect homes that are not only structurally robust and visually appealing but also situated within environments that elevate their allure and value. Landscaping, often perceived as the final flourish in the construction process, is crucial in realizing this objective. Its benefits extend far beyond mere curb appeal, significantly enhancing a property’s overall value. However, this raises a critical question: Should the builder or the homeowner take responsibility for landscaping? This decision is pivotal in ensuring that the landscaping’s potential benefits are fully realized while mitigating associated risks.

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A thoughtfully designed landscape enhances a property’s value by up to 15%, not just through aesthetic improvements but through functional benefits as well. Energy savings from natural cooling, reduced noise pollution, enhanced privacy and a healthier environment are all tangible benefits. Furthermore, a property with high curb appeal not only sells faster but can command a higher price, underscoring the marketability investment of landscaping.

The debate between whether a builder or a homeowner should undertake landscaping is significant. From a strategic standpoint, there are compelling reasons why builders taking the reins on landscaping could be more advantageous.

• Quality control and professional expertise: Builders can coordinate with landscape professionals from the beginning, ensuring the design is cohesive with the home’s architecture and site conditions. This early integration can prevent common landscaping errors, such as improper plant placement or inadequate drainage systems, which could lead to structural issues or water damage.

• Mitigating risks: By overseeing the landscaping process, builders can implement proper drainage solutions and select appropriate vegetation that won’t jeopardize the home’s foundation or structure in the future. This proactive approach can significantly reduce the risk of future litigation related to landscaping-induced problems.

• Enhancing marketability: Builders adding landscaping as part of the construction package can present a move-in-ready property that is more appealing to buyers. This comprehensive approach can differentiate a property in a competitive market, potentially increasing the sale price and reducing the time on the market.

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• Cost efficiency: Incorporating landscaping into the overall construction budget can be more cost-effective than homeowners undertaking landscaping projects post-purchase. Builders can leverage economies of scale and professional discounts not typically available to individual homeowners.

Warranty and liability: When builders handle landscaping, they can extend their warranty coverage to include exterior features, providing buyers with peace of mind. This comprehensive warranty can be an attractive selling point for potential buyers.

To maximize the benefits of builder-led landscaping, consider the following best practices:

• Engage with landscape professionals early: Collaboration from the beginning of the construction process ensures the landscape plan enhances the property’s design and functionality.

• Focus on sustainability: Opt for landscapes that are not only attractive but also sustainable and low-maintenance, ensuring their long-term appeal and viability.

• Prioritize proper drainage: Adequate drainage solutions are essential to prevent water-related issues near the home’s foundation.

• Select appropriate plantings: Choose vegetation that suits the local climate and soil and position it to avoid future structural issues.

• Invest in quality: Quality materials and professional installation can avert costly repairs down the line and add to the property’s value.

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Landscaping is an integral part of new home construction, offering benefits that significantly exceed curb appeal. While both builders and homeowners can undertake this task, there are distinct advantages to builder-led landscaping. By prioritizing thoughtful design and professional execution, builders can ensure their properties are not only visually appealing but also safe, sustainable and valuable investments for future homeowners.  


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