Essential Workwear for Construction Professionals

Construction apparel can not only maximize comfort and performance but also help keep workers safe while on the job.

Laughter Provides Stress Relief

Unaddressed high stress levels can have a variety of negative impacts for workers in the construction industry.

Building a Safer Job Site

Job site safety looked a lot different just a few decades ago. Safety gear was mostly optional and visits from OSHA were infrequent.

4 Ways Through the Construction Labor Shortage

Labor shortages have become a hot topic. For Colorado’s construction industry, employee shortages are old (hard) hat.

Heightened Sense of Balance for the Building Industry

Mindfulness is a simple, practical, and effective way to enhance overall physical and mental wellbeing; it also offers social, environmental, and workplace benefits.

Examining Suicide in Construction

Although suicide rates are increasing everywhere, the construction industry bears the greater share of the burden.

Mobile Mental Health

Mobile apps exist to help workers track their mental and physical health and identify patterns that could help understand their moods better.

How Employee Assistance Programs can Reduce Construction Suicide Deaths

Employee assistance programs are voluntary benefit programs that employers can offer that provide interventions for workers.

How to Design Safety Training Materials Workers Will Read

Builders have to create (or download) safety materials that will get workers attention and get them to take action to be safer.

Summer Stress: Protecting Workers From Heat Exposure

In 2016, over 700 people statewide were sent to the emergency room for heat-related illnesses according to the DPHE.