Time to Review Purchase and Sale Agreements?

In a dynamic legal environment, proactivity is the cornerstone of protecting your business interests from assault by plaintiffs’ attorneys.

Mitigating Legal Risks in Urban Sustainable Building

There are a number of legal challenges that can arise for builders when using sustainable building techniques.

Spend Some Time Sharpening Your Ax

With the softening of the market, my hope is that builders can spend time sharpening their risk management axes.

Denver Aims to Streamline ADU Rules

Rule changes could make it easier for Denver homeowners to build accessory dwelling units (ADUs), possibly as early as next year.

Anti-Concurrent Causation Endorsements in CGL Insurance Policies: A Word of Caution

Anti-concurrent causation endorsements have migrated from first-party property policies to commercial general liability policies.

Revisiting Denver’s Construction Defect Ordinance

One of the biggest problems for Colorado builders dealing with construction defect litigation is the breach of implied warranty claim.

Colorado’s New Retainage Law

The 2021 Colorado legislative session began this year on Jan. 13 and ran all the way through June 8, excepting a COVID-related pause.

Attorneys’ Fee Clauses are Engraved Invitations to Sue

Builders should evaluate the language in their contracts, lest they find themselves on the hook for plaintiffs' attorneys fees.

Colorado Requires Builders to Accommodate High-efficiency Devices

Lawmakers have been adding requirements for builders to make new homes greener, including capabilities for high-efficiency devices like electric cars.

5 Benefits of Arbitration for Construction Disputes

Builders may find the benefits of arbitration ideal as COVID-19 drives a surge in cases that were backlogged during the pandemic.