Leveraging Drone Technology to Manage Risk

Is drone technology a tool that can provide missing evidence for builders to defend themselves against construction defect claims?

Technology Enhances the Homebuilder-Realtor Relationship

Technology serves as a powerful catalyst for establishing seamless connections and streamlining processes between homebuilders and realtors.

Your Google Profile Can Put You On the Map

The significance of a Google Profile for your construction business and how it can positively impact overall engagement with your audience.

The Insurance Risk of Not Embracing Technology

By embracing innovative tools, builders can transform their operations and protect their businesses from potential claims.

Building Permit Reconciliations

A number of Colorado towns, cities and counties require a use tax deposit to be paid with a building permit.

Condo Market Finally Loosening, but Why?

Condo construction in the Denver metro area is finally happening on a larger scale, but what has taken so long?

CDFIs Connect Small Builders with Capital

CDFIs connect small builders with capital. There are 15 such institutions in Colorado, many dedicated to creating affordable housing options.

How to Build Productive Partnerships with Real Estate Professionals

The Denver real estate market is experiencing an unprecedented inventory shortage, with around 3,800 active homes on the market.

The Next Evolution in Colorado Construction Defect Litigation?

By representing homeowner associations instead of individual owners, plaintiffs’ attorneys can more easily aggregate claims.

New Report Identifies Healthiest Housing Markets

A report by SmartAsset, a personal finance technology company, identified the healthiest housing markets in Colorado and around the country.