Short Days, Long Nights, Cold Weather and Concrete

A challenge in cold weather is to protect fresh concrete from freezing so that the finished product will perform as intended.

Functional Design Continues to Drive Outdoor Living

Designers, builders and contractors working on outdoor designs, need to create functional spaces, giving homeowners a sense of peace.

Climate Change Mitigation Driving Outdoor Design

The demand to build outdoor spaces that help mitigate climate change is on the rise, according to a survey by the ASLA.

Homeowners Prioritize Outside Privacy

There isn’t one size that fits the solution, but one thing that homebuyers agree on is the need for outside privacy.

Barefoot Backyards—Deck Design Trends

Deck design trends reflect homeowners' wish for modern, no-maintenance style, that matches the design of the rest of the home.

Heated Driveways are a Premium Feature with a Practical Edge

Heated driveways might be seen as an extravagance, but for some Colorado homeowners, they offer safety and liability protections.

Choosing a Fire Pit or Fireplace

As temperatures drop, homeowners are looking to extend the usefulness of their outdoor living space by adding fireplaces or fire pits.

Outdoor Living on Shrinking Lots

When homeowners have a small lot to work with, designers and contractors do not have many chances to wow them, so they must be strategic.

Sites to Behold

Homeowners want outdoor living areas where they can unwind. Builders should keep these things in mind when creating sites to behold.

Line of Defense

The Colorado State Forest Service recommends establishing a defensible space around a home to slow the progress of an encroaching fire. The design of each...