Winter Best Practices for Western Shrubs

Western dryland shrubs—like leadplant, fernbush, hardy manzanita, sumac and Apache plume—put Colorado front and center in our communities.

Landscaping for the Future

More than one out of two people in Colorado live in a wildland-urban interface—an area where homes blend with wildland vegetation.

Smart Irrigation for Residential Landscapes

Smart irrigation systems use technology that adapts to winds, soils and weather, and products that water our landscapes more efficiently.

Three Common Xeriscaping Myths

As you explore alternatives to traditional lawns, here are xeriscaping myths to avoid, so you can create vibrant outdoor spaces.

Water Conservation Isn’t a Trend; It’s a Responsibility

Water conservation does not mean foregoing water altogether, but instead using water as efficiently as possible to reduce unnecessary usage.

Why Age Matters When Winterizing Trees

With the coming of shorter days, urban trees undergo changes in preparation for winter. Here's how tree care professionals can protect them.

Shrubs: An Overlooked Choice in Container Gardens

Here are some tips for successful container gardening with flowering shrubs, that add height, texture and color to containers.

5 Landscape Trends for 2019

The National Association of Landscape Professionals recently released its analysis of the top landscape trends for 2019.

Late Winter: The Best Time to Prune Trees

Arborists are often asked or required to trim or prune landscape trees throughout the year because a tree has been damaged by a storm.