Colorado Floor Company Helps Most Vulnerable Coloradans


HomeAid Colorado’s Builders for Babies drive collects diapers to help families in need. With help from more than 450 donors, and a match from diaper company Abby & Finn, this year’s drive collected 1.6 million diapers and over half a million wipes. The drive is part of the organization’s Essentials program, which provides basic necessities like diapers and hygiene items for families in need.

A hefty chunk of those donations came from Colorado Floor Company. The floor installer, with locations in Golden, Colorado Springs and Henderson, donated over 319,000 diapers.

“The stress to a mother when she chooses to keep that kid in dirty diapers because she doesn’t have many more is more than her stress about food insecurity,” Kevin Paulson, owner of Colorado Floor Company, said. A parent can decide to skip a meal to provide more for their children, but they can’t do the same thing with diapers, Paulson explained.

To support the program, Paulson decided Colorado Floor would match the donations it received and rallied his installers to join the cause.

“I just started asking all the installers every morning. We sent out a text three weeks in advance, and had the posters up, and said, ‘We’re looking to raise a lot of money for this, so that we can buy a lot of diapers and you guys can help out, too.”

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This year, Paulson reached out to every company that Colorado Floor does business with.

“We reached out to the guy that cleans our automobiles. We reached out to everybody,” he said. “It’s building a culture with us that we can grow even more next year.”

The company recently bought a location in Henderson that will handle slab fabrication, and Paulson said the drive, and some healthy competition between offices, was a way to nurture that culture within the organization.

“We have more people here in Golden so we won,” he said, “but it’s a good way for, especially people in Henderson that are not close to our main offices, to get an idea of who we are.”

Paulson noted that working with organizations takes the pressure off of builders who want to support their communities, but don’t know how to get started.

“We don’t have the opportunity to go out and actively search good charities,” he said. “We don’t have the time.” Colorado Floor Company also works with the Home Builders Foundation to remodel homes for people with accessibility needs. “I can’t search out that person who’s in a wheelchair and needs a roll-in shower pan. If they do that, then we can do this work.”



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