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Nested Continues to Pay It Forward


Who is Nested?

Who wouldn’t want to settle into a warm and safe refuge?

That was the genesis of the name for Nested, a luxury residential design, new construction and remodeling firm that manages projects from powder rooms and decks to full-home construction. But there’s more: one of the principal tenets of their business model is giving back.

Why Nested pays it forward

“It’s really about nurturing the community, not just from the building perspective, but also from a community perspective of giving,” says Rebecca Musielak, president of Nested.

What inspires Musielak to give back around $15,000 to $20,000 annually? She knows first-hand what it feels like to need a helping hand from the community. Her dad left her family when she was a little girl. “I remember looking at food stamps on a card, and after church on Sundays, people would send us home with food,” she says. “We were that family that had no house, no money. My circumstances could have been very different had it not been for the community that really sheltered and nested us.”

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Now, as a single mom herself, she wants to model that spirit of generosity and giving to her kids, employees and community.

Who they help

Some of the recipients of the time, energy and gifts bestowed by Nested include Home Builders Foundation, Family Promise, Colfax Marathon, Denver Rescue Mission, Paradox Sports, as well as the following meaningful organizations:

Colorado Youth for a Change

Another successful Back to School Night. The 13th Annual event focused on raising money to fight Colorado’s dropout crisis and support children and youth in reaching their educational goals.

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue

Nested volunteering for Safe Harbor Lab Rescue’s Annual Lab Fest, which finds foster and permanent homes for abandoned Labrador Retrievers.

Lion Project

“This was a basement build out for a couple, and they are trying to bring in a teenage foster child, through the Denver foster care program,” Musielak says. “My team volunteered and we built out a bedroom and a bathroom for that teen.”

Creating a legacy

“It is just such an internal reward for our team to be keeping the community strong around us,” Musielak says. “It’s a big core of who I am and what I’m trying to create in the community that I build in. It’s a legacy for me.”  



  • Valarie Rose Johnson

    Valarie is Editor-at-Large of Colorado Builder and has a 25-year, award-winning career as a publisher, editor and writer for local, regional, national and international publications. Valarie is a Colorado native and enjoys hiking, traveling, meditating, kayaking, yoga, reading and spending time with her husband and family. She can be reached at [email protected] or (303) 502-2523.

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