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Building Beds for Kids in Need


FBC Remodel partners with Sleep in Heavenly Peace to provide beds for children

By donating volunteer time and labor to build beds for children in need, Denver-based FBC Remodel discovered a way to build joy in the community, as well as within the company and themselves. FBC recently partnered with a nonprofit organization, Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP), on a Build Day where volunteers churned out bunk beds for kids who are either sleeping on the floor or sharing a bed with a parent or sibling.

FBC reached out to SHP in October 2021 after learning about the organization through a Facebook post. “After meeting with [Denver chapter president] Jim Freeman and hearing the story of how SHP got started, we knew that its mission aligned with our purpose,” says Rylee Younger, social media and events specialist for FBC.

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According to SHP, “bedlessness” is an epidemic in the United States that results in a lack of safety, security, and privacy, which in turn robs children of restful sleep. SHP maintains a strong social media and online presence that emphasizes photos of beds being delivered to grateful children and their families. Those who need beds can reach out to SHP and fill out an application. The organization then finds sponsors for Build Days who provide facilities for construction, tools, and discounted lumber.

From bed frames to bunk beds

FBC sponsored its first Build Day in April 2022 in partnership with SHP and BuildStrong Academy, which trains skilled workers for jobs in the housing industry. The event was held at FBC’s Denver facility. Following a universal process and template established by SHP, volunteers guided lumber through a series of stations including sawing, sanding and staining.

Younger estimates that each bed took 15-20 minutes to get from the first station to the last. A total of 20 bed frames were produced that day, which were then assembled to create 10 bunk beds.

Thanks to unlimited PTO and flexible working policies, the FBC team can make time for weekend events like Build Day. Team members are encouraged to participate as much as possible given the demands of their work schedules and personal lives, but there’s no shortage of volunteers for Build Day.

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“We’re proud to have such strong participation,” she says.

  • There are more than 250 Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) chapters nationwide. To date, more than 100,000 bunk beds have been made and delivered.
  • Since its first Build Day in February 2019, the Denver chapter of SHP has constructed more than 750 beds and delivered approximately 650.
  • During the FBC Build Day, volunteers guided pieces of lumber in various sizes through stations that included sawing, sanding and staining. Each bed took 15-20 minutes to get through all the stations.

“No kid sleeps on the floor in our town!” is the SHP battle cry.



  • Susan Bady

    Susan Bady is a Chicago-based journalist who has been covering the housing industry for 35 years. A self-described "armchair architect," she is an advocate of good design, which encompasses resilience, sustainability, and new building technology.

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