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Make Meaning your Mission


Boulder-based LID Landscapes has made corporate responsibility and community engagement a cornerstone of its business, and its ability to have a meaningful impact has grown with the company. Now, after nearly 40 years in business, it is in a position to play a major role in the overall success of its community.

“A company goes through different stages—through survival, sustaining and then significance,” Scott Natter, general manager at LID Landscapes, said. “We like to think that we’re to that point where we have significance; where we can contribute back to the community and not just be part of it, but truly be a meaningful part of it.”

He added, “It’s really part of something that’s ingrained in what we do.”

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To serve that mission, the company undertakes several fundraising and engagement efforts throughout the year. The team hosts “potting parties”—educational events that organizations can auction off at fundraisers.

“We’ll have them out to our facilities, and we’ll teach them how to put together floral arrangements, have a little lunch with them” Natter explained. “It’s something that helps raise funds for these different organizations, and it gets them a little bit involved with what we do as a company as well.”

LID will host five or six of these events throughout the year, Natter said. The company also works with the Emergency Family Assistance Association, a housing and food assistance center in Boulder County.

“We try to support organizations that are also important and mean something to members of our company,” Natter said. For example, one employee has rheumatoid arthritis, so the company has worked with the Arthritis Foundation for “many years because it’s something that affects her life, and she wants to contribute back and help others who are going through similar situations.”

An employee at LID’s parent company in Chicago has a child with autism, so the company has gotten involved with organizations related to autism, Natter said.

“It’s not just one thing, but it’s all the little things,” he said.

The company’s efforts to give back go beyond just supporting causes dear to employees, too.

“Whenever we get a new client, we thank them by donating $100 to a charity of their choice, so we can truly support those organizations that are important to our clients,” Natter said.

The company has raised over $260,000 for charities throughout Boulder County.

LID’s ethos is enshrined in its core values: “We recognize our ability to enhance lives as a corporate citizen by supporting the community and the charitable interests of our clients and Associates,” the company states on its website.

Natter said, “We truly do live by that.”


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