Wildfire Mitigation and Prevention

For ever-changing climate change
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Climate change is here. It is threatening and cannot be ignored. Climate change needs to be mitigated and prevented. We can make a positive difference together to thwart climate change!

The wakeup call

Recent Colorado tragedies in Colorado Springs, Douglas County, El Paso County, Grand County, Louisville, Superior, Boulder County and the western counties have created awareness of the new climate reality for all Coloradans. Today, everyone knows someone who has been affected by these unforeseen climatic events.

These horrific events are not just taking place in Colorado, but throughout the country and the world through more wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, cyclones, lightning strikes, rains, snows and flooding. The aftermath of these events is life-altering and changing. First, there is the shock.

Secondly, there is the realization of what has been lost. Thirdly, is wondering how, what to do, and when to do it. People are not prepared for the shock and awe of their lives. They do not know who to trust as they begin to receive calls from both professionals and scam artists.

Government, professional, non-profit and trade association assistance

There are a variety of organizations that are stepping up to assist those who have been affected by the Marshall wildfire.

  • Government: Local, state, and federal authorities immediately emerge to create as much calm and direction as possible in the aftermath of a tragedy. Government officials collaborate with one another providing direction, information, insight and positive momentum.

Each jurisdiction has a level of expertise to share based on its level of preparedness, knowledge and experience. Officials begin to create a plan of action to restore utilities, create plans for debris removal and the eventual recovery and rebuilding of the area. The collaboration is remarkable. People work together to help the affected and traumatized community.

It is essential for government leadership to begin working with trusted local construction professionals. They must establish realistic timelines and critical path charts regarding construction, while working to complete these in cooperation with the respective governmental jurisdictions.

  • Professionals: Local professionals can begin working with planning and/or building department officials to assess the damage and determine how to help local and state officials address the restoration of the community. Most planning and building departments are not prepared to handle the questions and answers immediately. It takes time to effectuate a credible plan of action that will meet the needs of the community. Fortunately, local construction professionals can provide more accurate recommendations for remediation and restoration.

Today, more than any time in the past 50 years, the industry is amid a national and international building boom that has created supply chain disruption, labor shortages, lack of qualified construction workers, architects, landscape architects, engineers and home builders.

  • Non-Profit Organizations: There are a plethora of non-profits from the American Red Cross to local ecumenical groups to foundations that have come together to help those in need today and always.

The Latin phrase, e pluribus unum, which means “out of many, one” shows that be working together for a common good for everyone, we can all accomplish more together.

  • Trade Associations: It is helpful to have construction industry trade association personnel as facilitators to bring reality through guidance, mentorship and community leadership in cooperation with governmental, professional and non-profit organization representatives.


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