Coping With COVID-19

Communities around the world are scrambling to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you understand the virus and how it spreads, the potential impacts on your business and supply chains, and your responsibilities as a business owner in this changing time. 

One of those most important ways to keep infection rates low is to practice social distancing—maintaining physical distances of at least six feet to prevent the virus being passed from an infected person to a noninfected person. People who aren’t proactive about keeping in touch with their social support systems risk increasing feeling of isolation.  

Has your business been impacted by COVID-19? We want to hear about what you’re doing to protect your workers and the communities you serve, and the steps you’re taking to fortify your business against the changes we’re all going through. Email the editor and make your voice heard. 
OSHA’s guide includes information for all business owners about what types of workers are most at risk and how to reduce their exposure.
OSHA also called out which standards are likely to apply to a particular business as it tries to minimize occupational exposure to the virus. 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has extensive information about COVID-19 and how it spreads, that extent of the virus’s spread and information for businesses and employers.
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s COVID-19 homepage includes information about testing, quarantine and isolation guidelines, and daily updates on the number of cases and impacted counties. 
The National Association of Home Builders compiled a list of association resources, including guidance for business continuity and templates for letters to elected officials regarding a business’s “essential” status. 
The American Society of Safety Professionals offers free podcasts and webinars addressing workplace safety in the age of COVID-19. The content is targeted toward safety professionals, but offers useful guidance for business owners worried about how to protect their workers. 
The Associated General Contractors of America published a sample plan to help builders and other construction professionals create a practical plan for their own companies. 

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