How home builders are tackling coronavirus

As we settle into the current reality, builders are adapting where they can to keep businesses running
In order to maintain social distancing guidelines, private tours of model homes become a popular option for showing properties (Photo: Chernetskaya, Dreamstime)

The National Association of Home Builders recently released survey data  on how builders are responding to the coronavirus. As we no longer have a definitive end in sight, it’s reassuring to see that builders are finding ways to adapt and working to keep people employed. In Colorado specifically, builders have remained optimistic through the changes.

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One particularly uplifting statistic based on the nationally conducted survey is that 74% of builders have no intention to lay off or furlough their employees, and 79% already have all of their non-construction employees working from home. While different types of jobs and employees carry different risks, many jobs are able to carry on.

Real estate agents are adapting to conduct showings around the country in different ways as well, with the most common way being private showings of model homes. Though it makes up a smaller percentage, others are moving toward increased online showings and services, or adapting new drive-in closings.

Drive-in closings can look like anything from conducting the work over the phone as much as possible and then showing up to sign paperwork from your car, to a full-blown drive-through window set up to social distance while speaking and signing.

Colorado-based Realtor Michael Beninati said that his team is not showing any properties at the moment, in an interview with Colorado Builder. However, Colorado is one of many states that has classified construction as an essential business. While NAHB’s survey shows that 48% of builders are halting some or all construction, it is not a requirement for Colorado home builders but rather a decision of safety for workers.

On an uplifting note, a percentage of able builders around the country have been providing support for public services with construction, and some are even donating respirator face masks. Services have been set up to connect construction workers with health care workers to donate masks.

The Northern Colorado Home Builders Association hosts a supply drive during the weekdays to collect for healthcare workers. The Denver Post has a full list of ways to give back in Colorado during the virus, from home associations and beyond.

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