The patio is open—How COVID-19 spurred patio redesigns

After six months stuck in their houses, homeowners are eager to make changes
Homeowners are spending more time at home and making the most of it. (Photo: Bluebird Design & Landscape)

Moede pointed out that the trend in technology toward wireless connectivity has made it easier for homeowners to create their own speaker setups.

“They don’t need us to go in there and do all the hard wiring,” he said. “I don’t know if that’s actually been affected by the coronavirus, but technology-wise, between now and the past five years is where we’ve seen Sonos come in and really shake up the market in that regard.”

Moede and his team still get requests for televisions in outdoor areas.

“We’ll put in a fireplace and above the fireplace we’ll install outlets and whatnot, and mounts for an outdoor TV,” he said.


The Colorado Department of Education released guidance in July to help schools reopen with in-person learning, but some schools will offer hybrid options that allow parents to continue distance learning, or combine distance and in-person learning.

That means some homeowners will still have the kids at home this fall.  

“We understand that parents may be rethinking their homes to make them more functional for kids. Creating more livable space outdoors and installing pools are great ways to give kids more space to play,” Hausman said.

She added that kid-friendly remodels include creating specific workspaces for them inside the home, “including functional desks, comfortable seating, practical storage and good lighting.”

Bluebird’s Moede noted that a lot of new construction doesn’t have finished landscaping in place. He’s heard from more clients who want a quick fix to an unfinished backyard.

“With the kids being home now, they’re out there wanting to play, and there’s dirt being tracked in and out,” he said.

He’s also had some requests for playground areas. “They can design areas for the kids to have their own designated area while the adults have their new patio with a fire pit so they can still be in the same spot but separated,” he said.

Condo quarantine

It’s not just homeowners who are eyeing upgrades to their outdoor spaces. HOAs and multifamily properties with outdoor living areas are also seeing those spaces get more use.

“Even those who live in condominiums, who have homeowner associations that have communal areas, they’re spending a lot more time in the communal areas,” Adamson said.

Adamson said Pioneer counts several large Colorado HOAs as customers. “They’re reporting that where a year ago, the common areas — the pool, the park — had hardly anybody in it, now they’re full.”


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