Rain Bird offers streamlined irrigation controller: Product update

(Photo: Rain Bird)

Rain Bird announced on Monday that it has updated its ESP-Me series of irrigation controllers. The ESP-ME3 is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, unlike its predecessors, which were available as separate models.

The new model is also compatible with a flow sensor, and features a larger, backlit display and simplified dial-based control panel.

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“Since 2010, the ESP-Me has been one of Rain Bird’s most popular controllers,” James Harris, Rain Bird product manager, said in a statement.

He added, “When we began developing the ESP-ME3, our goal was to make it the most versatile controller in its class with features our competitors simply cannot offer. When contractors, distributors and specifiers look at the ESP-ME3, we want them to view it as a whole solution that answers the needs of more customers than any other residential or light commercial controller on the market.”

Like the earlier models, the ESP-ME3 can be configured for up to 22 stations and is compatible with Rain Bird’s LNK WiFi module. Installing the module allows users to control the system with a smartphone app.

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Harris noted that the app offers new features not available on Rain Bird’s other controllers.

“The ESP-ME3 takes our existing WiFi functionality to a new level,” he said. “With this controller, users can enjoy faster app speeds; advanced flow sensing; Cycle+Soak programming for more efficient watering on slopes and compacted soils; and improved manual watering options.”

This article was originally published by Colorado Patio & Landscape. 

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