Tree care, mowing most popular landscaping services

Tree trimming is consumers' most requested landscaping service.

A survey conducted by Harris Poll and commissioned by the National Association of Landscape Professionals’ Industry Growth Initiative found 40% of consumers hired a landscaping company to perform some type of service last year.

Over half of respondents who hired a professional did so for help with tree care, followed by mowing (50%). Controlling pests and weeds were of high interest to consumers, with 46% and 42%, respectively, hiring a professional for those services.

Cost is the main sticking point for consumers. Over 60% of respondents cited the cost of service as the main reason for not hiring a lawn care professional, although a significant minority pointed to other potential challenges for companies trying to grow their customer base. Almost half of respondents who haven’t hired a professional said landscaping isn’t a chore and they like doing it for themselves, while 43% said they just don’t need it.

Of the 40% of consumers who did seek professional help, 52% wanted their lawn to look better, and 30% wanted to enjoy their outdoor space more. Forty-one percent just wanted to save time.

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