5 Landscape Trends for 2019


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This article was originally published by Colorado Patio & Landscape.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals recently released its analysis of the top landscape trends for 2019.

“This year’s trends reflect current lifestyle preferences as well as innovations happening in the industry that are transforming landscapes across the country,” Missy Henriksen, NALP’s vice president of public affairs, said in a statement.

NALP surveyed its members and professionals around the country to find out which trends are shaping up to define homeowners’ expectation in the coming year.

“Homeowners yearn for beautiful outdoor spaces without the hassle of upkeep,” Henriksen said. “With the rise of multifunctional landscape design and automated processes, consumers can spend more time enjoying their landscapes than ever before.”

  • Multifunctional design features. Homeowners want more than pretty landscaping, NALP found. They want to be able to use their outdoor spaces. For example, a vertical garden that acts as a privacy wall or retaining walls with built-in seating help homeowners make the most of their space.
  • Automated lawn and landscape maintenance. Consumers have shown an appetite for tech solutions to household chores, and landscaping is no different. From smart irrigation systems to lawn-mowing robots, tech tools that can ease the burden of outdoor maintenance will be appealing to homeowners.
  • Pergolas. NALP anticipates the humble pergola will begin to resemble more elaborate three-season rooms, with heaters and lighting or sound systems.
  • Pink. The color of the year is pink—literally. Pantone named “Living Coral” it’s Color of the Year, so expect to see these colors integrated into landscapes, NALP predicts, whether that’s plants or patio furnishings.
  • Metal elements. NALP predicts homeowners will be interested in incorporating metals into their landscapes through sculpture, water features or furniture and accessories.

This article originally appeared in our sister publication, Colorado Patio & Landscape.

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