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Some homeowners will be satisfied carrying their Bose out to the backyard while they barbecue, while others will demand an integrated and unobtrusive sound system.

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes and, sometimes literally, underground on those high-end projects. In-ground subwoofers are among the most popular products at ListenUp, according to sales consultant Dusty Gorski, as well as ground-level subwoofers with multiple monitors.

Keeping equipment on the ground makes it easier to integrate into the landscape, while multiple speakers pointed back at the house help with sound quality.

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“With six or eight monitors and one subwoofer, … it sounds great wherever you’re sitting,” Gorski explained.

Using the house and other built-in features to reflect and contain sound helps homeowners use their system at a lower volume, and avoid making enemies of the neighbors.
Gorski said a good base package will cost around $5,000 to the homeowner, but high-end projects can reach $40,000 or $50,000.


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