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One New Electric Compact Utility Loader



Does a utility loader make heavy lifting easier in the construction process?

Construction has always been a tough business. For years, residential builders and contractors have struggled to balance the dirty, difficult, and often dangerous nature of the labor required to complete their projects with the innumerable aspects of operating a successful business. Already facing daily challenges like attracting and retaining workers; establishing and adhering to safety standards; maximizing productivity and limiting waste; distinguishing their brand from competitors; and boosting the bottom line, finding tangible, effective solutions to these struggles seemed perpetually elusive.

The issue stands in particularly stark relief when compared to larger commercial and construction and landscaping firms. Since their business model affords them with far deeper pockets, corporate-developed procedures, and sizeable workforces, they tend to be outfitted with heaps of heavy equipment and practical devices. Yet perhaps the most multifunctional and omnipresent machines moving about their gigantic job sites are versatile utility loaders. Though impressive in both power and adaptability, their cumbersome size and noxious fuel emissions made them impractical for residential contractors and use in indoor and confined spaces.

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Finally, there’s a new dog on the block ready to tackle much of the heavy lifting and grunt work that ordinarily consumes so much builder time, money, and effort—the Toro® Company’s e-Dingo® 500 Wheeled compact utility loader. Born of Toro’s century-long history at the vanguard of innovative and reliable agricultural, turf management, construction and moving equipment development, the e-Dingo® 500 is an electric, zero-emissions compact utility loader (CUL) designed specifically for indoor use. And given Toro’s expertise in this area (they first introduced America to the compact utility loader in 1995 with the Dingo), the e-Dingo® 500 packs a bite almost as powerful and multifunctional as that of a standard loader!

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e-Dingo® 500
Image: LL Johnson

Getting to know the e-Dingo® 500: Specifications and specialties

Before digging into the meat and bones of this compact marvel, it’s important to note that to truly understand its power and potential to transform your business, nothing beats a chat with the experts; except, of course, witnessing a demonstration of the e-Dingo® in action. Fortunately, the professionals at the exclusive Toro® dealer in both Colorado and Wyoming—LL Johnson Distributing Company—have been demonstrating the versatility and reliability of Toro products since 1976.  Devoting almost half a century of expertise to identifying and honing effective solutions to their customers’ labor, time, financial and frustration problems, the LL Johnson team is committed to demonstrating products that maximize efficiency for each individual client, be they residential or commercial contractors, public or private golf courses, demolition firms, landscapers, or rental companies.

“Since the company’s inception, customer education has been key,” explains Scott Fritchie, division manager of LL Johnson. “With a vast on-hand inventory, our dedicated product experts provide conversational demonstrations to identify customer needs and problems, but the e-Dingo® 500 is a relatively new product that’s especially ideal for interior construction, renovation, and demolition professions.

“In a nutshell, the e-Dingo® finally allows contractors and construction professionals to realize all the benefits and limited power of a standard compact utility loader, but without the fuel costs or exhaust emissions.”

Specs to meet a myriad of construction needs

Hardy enough for outdoor work but built specifically for use indoors, this compact loader provides an electric, zero-emissions alternative for builders looking to achieve greater productivity and efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint, improve workforce health and safety, and gain a competitive edge—all without sacrificing power.

Clean, quiet, and powerful: Thanks to its electric battery, the e-Dingo® 500 not only eliminates the need for costly fuel, but also its toxic carbon monoxide fumes. Ultimately benefiting your workforce’s health, the environment, and the company balance sheet, this zero-emissions CUL allows contractors to bring all the power of an outdoor combustion-engine loader inside.

“The e-Dingo delivers power comparable to combustion engines at 5 kilowatts and also has selectable power modes (including ECO mode and auto idle) to conserve energy,” says Leo Degenstein, the senior salesman who’s been with LL Johnson since the inception of the Toro Dingo product line. “With efficient operation, it can even reach 7.5 kilowatts.”

Completing jobs faster is always appealing, and since the e-Dingo’s® battery also makes for a quieter workplace, you can use it at any time—a handy bonus when deadlines require late nights.

A leaner, meaner machine: Standing on a wheelbase of 28 inches and just shy of three feet wide (35.6 inches), the e-Dingo’s® sleek profile means it can go places previously accessible only to hand laborers. Featuring easy spin steer turning and easy-to-reach, four-stick hand controls, operators manage all the e-Dingo’s® powerful functions with his or her fingertips, making maneuverability in close quarters a breeze.

All big dogs need some serious paw power, and the e-Dingo’s® wheels certainly qualify. With sturdy, non-marking tires and the standard 4-Paw® independent four-wheel drive constantly directing hydraulic pressure and flow to all four wheels simultaneously, you can negotiate even the toughest terrain. This innovative system also eliminates the need for chains, effectively eradicating traditional maintenance and replacement expenses.

Big battery bang: Powered by a lithium-ion battery with an impressive operating capacity of 230+ kilograms, the e-Dingo® has the oomph to make quick work of otherwise tedious tasks. Coupled with its 9.12-kilowatt hours, this compact tool can manage even continuous usage. And unlike its combustion engine counterparts, this battery-operated CUL produces little noise and vibration, enhancing operator comfort.

In addition to power that rivals that of traditional CULs, you won’t waste time on maintenance, as the e-Dingo’s® lithium-ion battery doesn’t require any. And if you value speed and convenience or simply plan to make regular use of the CUL, its companion 1200W offboard charger does the job in fewer than eight hours, so it’s always ready to go the next day.

Take a load (and time) off: Want to finish those tedious and physically onerous tasks faster and more effectively? Moving along at a 2.75 mph (4.43 km/h) with a rated 515-pounds operating capacity, the e-Dingo® can quickly haul any number of heavy building and construction materials for extended periods. Not only is this an obvious time-saver, but it also prevents painful and debilitating back injuries among your workforce.

e-Dingo® 500
Image: LL Johnson

Maximum multifunctionality, minimal time and injury: Like all Toro® Dingo® compact utility loaders, not only has the e-Dingo® has been painstakingly developed to solve a variety of problems specific to each customer’s individual business needs and goals, but it also accepts several optional attachments like adjustable forks, hydraulic breakers, a bucket grapple rake, and a rotating broom.

“Whether it’s lifting or moving materials, breaking up concrete, hauling construction debris, leveling, demolishing, or cleaning up, the e-Dingo® can take the place of two to three or more workers in some situations, maintains Degenstein.

“And with labor in short supply, the peerless efficiency and productivity the e-Dingo® provides lets professionals accomplish more with fewer workers in much less time.”

The e-Dingo® in action

Before wasting anymore unnecessary time and effort, request a demonstration of how the e-Dingo® CUL can transform your business. With a comprehensive understanding of all the Toro® brand offers, whether you buy or rent the e-Dingo® 500 (available at leading regional rental companies) the experts at LL Johnson can show you how this innovation solves problems, saves time and money, and increases opportunities for growth.


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