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Build Back Better Act

Benjamin Johnston of Kapitus reveals new opportunities the Build Back Better Act will create for the construction industry.

Three Ways to Use Process Data to Double Profits

Your employees are less productive than you think, due to your processes, according to Lean construction principles.

How to Use Data to De-risk Innovation

For most builder executives I speak with, innovation conjures less-fun adjectives like “uncertain,” “expensive” and “risky.”

Construction Management Software Focuses on Streamlining Efficiency

Discover three new construction management software programs aimed at streamlining construction company operations.

Scale and Specialization Mean Success in a Booming Remodeling Industry

As home improvement spending rises, learn why the most successful remodeling contractors now provide only specialized services.

What Commercial Builders Get Right: Get it in Writing

I reviewed a risk management outline I drafted years ago for a client considering a multifamily project. What jumped out at me was the number of times I referred to the concept of getting it in writing.